I’ve been a student now for 30 days in the Humber Creative Book Publishing Program.  It’s been crazy and I don’t even know how I have managed to get this far!  Balancing school, work, and parenting is hectic, but somehow it all gets done.  Thank goodness for the two-hour commute to school, which is when I get most of my homework done!

I came into this program after a decade-long stint in Japan teaching and running a business. I loved living overseas and probably nothing except the impending birth of my daughter could have brought me back to Canada. As much as I loved being a teacher in Japan, I didn’t look forward to being a parent in Japan. With all do respect to the country and the culture, it’s not my country or culture. The prospect of raising a child in a foreign country brought up all kinds issues that I realized would not be problematic if I returned to Canada.

So here I am.

One of the great things about being back in my home and native land is access to books. Of course I read and bought English books while overseas, but it cannot compare to the sheer volume I have access to here in Toronto. And not only books for myself but for my daughter. It’s wonderful being able to share my love of reading with my daughter and having access to the variety of children’s publications is an enormous plus. It almost makes up for the lack of really good sushi…almost.


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